Southwest Airlines Flight Diverted After Passenger Caught Smoking Marijuana

Many people try to find ways to cope with uncomfortable flying experiences. Some people drink, some people take a nap and others just find a good book. But apparently one Southwest Airlines passenger thought the best way to handle his flight was to toke up.

A Southwest Airlines flight going from Los Angeles to San Francisco made an emergency landing after a passenger was caught smoking marijuana in one of the plane's bathrooms. When the passenger began smoking, the alarm in the bathroom went off. The flight ended up landing in San Jose, about 50 miles south of San Francisco. The passenger was handed over to local authorities when the plane landed. 

Technically, neither Southwest Airlines nor the authorities specifically said the passenger had used marijuana, but several others on the flight said the man smelled like cannabis when he got out of the restroom. Smoking, regardless of whether it's marijuana or tobacco, is illegal on airplanes.

Also strangely enough, the passenger supposedly entered the plane using a wheelchair but was seen walking around the plane and didn't use the chair to enter the restroom.

Once again, we advise anyone reading this to only consume cannabis with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

(h/t NBC Bay Area)


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