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South Carolina Attorney General Calls Marijuana the 'Most Dangerous Drug' in America

We often hear members of law enforcement state the dangers of marijuana to ridiculous levels. But the Attorney General of South Carolina has perhaps said the most ridiculous statement yet.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson referred to marijuana as "the most dangerous drug" in America. Wilson's comments were part of a press conference where several other politicians, law enforcement officials and doctors spoke out against a proposed bill that would legalize medical marijuana in South Carolina.

Wilson said marijuana is the most dangerous drug because it is "the most misunderstood drug." He said that it is "the drug that teaches kids about all other drugs." Presumably Wilson is somewhat referring to the Gateway Drug theory, but he's not even smart enough to say that. He instead went on this weird rant:

“They use words like stoned, high, wasted, baked, fried, cooked, chonged, cheeched, dope-faced, blazed, blitzed, blunted, blasted, danked, stupid, wrecked — and that’s only half the words they use,” Wilson said. “Are these consistent with something that describes a medicine?”

I mean, many of those words could be used to describe what happens when people take prescription painkillers, which are legal, so yes. Or those words could also be used by people who drink alcohol, which is also legal.

Wilson's statement was so ridiculous that after the press conference, members of the South Carolina Medical Association who were on the stage with the attorney general to oppose the state's medical marijuana bill had to refute his idea that marijuana is the most dangerous drug out there.

South Carolina State Senator Dick Harpootlian perhaps summed up this whole press conference best: "this is just hysteria."

(h/t The Post and Courier


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