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How Montel Williams Will Help Older People Learn About Medical Marijuana

If you never managed to snag a seat in the studio audience of The Montel Williams Show before its 2008 cancellation, a Los Angeles-based company is giving you a second chance to interact with the talk show’s titular host of 17 years.

BlazeNow, a mobile app that connects cannabis consumers with nearby dispensaries and doctors, has found a new spokesman in Williams, who has multiple sclerosis and has long been an advocate for medical marijuana. 

Among the fruits of this partnership will be an open forum of sorts between Williams and those who log onto the app’s online platform.

“We will be building out a featured platform with interactive interface between Montel and the public, kind of like an ‘Ask Montel’ forum at least a couple times a month,” BlazeNow co-founder Mark Glover told Civilized.

“We’ll also hopefully be able to [provide] some video content of him in his element… a talk show setting where he’ll be able to answer the questions of patients.”

Glover believes Williams connects with a subsect of medical marijuana consumers who don’t get enough attention in the burgeoning cannabis industry, or as he puts it, “a side of the market that has been neglected.”

“It’s that medical side, that 50-and-over side, people that are curious about cannabis but don’t know much about it,” said Glover.

“They want to be comfortable with what they’re getting into and they might not be as educated [about cannabis] as some of the younger crowds. I think [Williams] speaks to those people... he will probably be able to provide [insight] on his experiences, his opinions, and some of the things he does on a regular basis."

BlazeNow, whose review-based format may remind users of “a TripAdvisor or a Yelp for cannabis”, aims to have its forum with Williams up-and-running by March.

“We have a lot of things that will probably come up in March, heading into 420,” said Glover. “First and foremost, we’re trying to take marijuana and cross it into the mainstream, [meaning] that we’re trying to build a brand that everyone can identify with.”

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