Is Vaping Lame? Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore Weighs In

Few things rile up tobacco enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs alike quite like vaping. Some praise the vaporizer as a healthier alternative to smoking, while others viscerally hate vapes like any other vapid trend. So Pitchfork recently asked Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth to weigh in on the issue.

"Vaping blows," he said in an instalment of the video series Over/Under. "The only people who can successfully vape are French people."

So if Sonic Youth ever does a reunion tour, you should leave the vape at home - or wear a beret to avoid getting called out by Moore.

The noise rock icon also critiqued Harry Styles, techno and a marshmallowy treat called Thurston S'mores. Check it out.


The cannabis industry has a packaging problem. In fact, more broadly speaking, it has a sustainability problem. Regulations in legal states, aiming to childproof cannabis products, have had the side effect of creating massive waste, while cultivation can be energy and water intensive.

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