Someone Just Figured Out How Much Fat, Sodium and Carbs the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest Winner Consumed

The Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest happens every year on the Fourth of July. While some might find this to be a disgusting tradition, there's now doubt that it has a definite American feel to it. This year's winners were perennial all-stars Joey Chestnut and on the ladies' side, Miki Sudo. They ate an astounding 72 and 41 hot dogs respectively, setting new records and personal bests all over the place. 

All of this hoopla led AOL to wonder exactly what kind of "nutrition" these competitors were putting in their bodies. They took to a new mathematical search engine called Wolfram Alpha to find out. These were the results they got for a diet of 69 hot dogs (and buns, of course): 

screen shot 2017 07 03 at 101509 am

It really puts the contest in perspective. Not only are they consuming around 18000 calories, they're getting 1700% of their saturated fat and 1400% of their protein in 10 minutes. That said, those thiamin and niacin levels are also off the charts!


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