Somebody Finally Put Trump’s Hollywood Star Behind Bars

Somebody’s been messing with Trump’s Hollywood Star.

They aren’t the only one, either. Since Trump announced his candidacy back in 2016, the star has been defaced countless times, and in a variety of ways—several of which being quite destructive, with some people even courting jailtime by smashing the star with the aid of a pickaxe.

This time, though, the act was far less destructive. This display, created by the street artist known as Plastic Jesus, featured wooden bars affixed to the star with industrial, double-sided tape.

But what does it mean? What was the artist trying to convey with this display? Thankfully, the artist has no interest in being cryptic.

"Well, 'cause (Trump's) going to jail," he told CNN.

Simple, sure, and probably a little obvious, but a much more subtle gesture than taking yet another pickaxe to it. Although the perpetrator of this street art may not be able to provide more deep insight into the act, we hope it encourages future vandals to take a more clever and tactful approach to their protests.

No matter how many times you smash that damn thing, it doesn’t seem to go away. Detractors will have to keep getting creative.

Check put these Instagram posts chronicling this and a few of the artist’s other displays at Trump’s star below.


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