Some Jobs Are Just Hotter Than Others - And No, 'Supermodel' Isn't One Of Them

It may be time for a career change – that is, if you want to increase your chances of getting lucky.

According to a new study from the dating app Happn, some professions are simply a whole lot sexier than others. 

Researchers analyzed data from Happn’s 2.9 million users to reveal the careers considered to be the most attractive among both men and women. Shockingly, ‘supermodel’ didn’t even make the cut.

Lawyers were – perhaps remarkably – ranked the most attractive among both sexes, so it seems all those scathing one-liners haven't had much of a negative impact. 

Men who identified themselves in their dating profiles as analysts, engineers, salesmen and doctors also had considerable luck on the app, while women who listed being designers, teachers, marketers or physicians garnered the most attention.

While this intel might not be enough to make you quit your job and head back to school, you might want to avoid airbrushing your profile to see if a job that isn't yours gets you a date that shouldn't be yours, either. No real good can come from lying on your resume, after all. 

h/t The Independent 


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