Solar Energy Has Become Cheaper Than Coal and Natural Gas

Singularity University is a global learning and innovation community that uses advanced and growing technology to overcome the world’s challenges to improve its future. This community of individuals and organizations empower the world of innovation to learn, communicate, and create a safe future. For the first time in South Africa, SingularityU joined the country’s innovators and leaders for the SingularityU South Africa Summit 2017. Among the many leaders and innovators was Ramez Naam, who spoke about exponential energy.

Ramez Naam is a computer scientist, futurist, and author who looks at environmental and natural resource challenges caused by climate change, energy, water, and food to overcome with scientific and technological innovation. While speaking at the SingularityU South Africa Summit 2017, Naam looked at these challenges facing countries all across the world, and compared the cost of solar power in each. Solar power grows 30-40% every year, which will slow eventually, though this exponential growth drives prices down. The price of solar power has gone down all across the world, so Naam is no longer questioning if there will be a wind to solar power transformation, but rather when this transformation will occur.


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