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Etsy's Oddest Ornaments: From Snowman Poop To Snowflake Trump

It's tree-trimming time. You've probably got boxes of baubles, tons of tinsel and enough angels and stars for 18 holidays. Why not shake things up and send off this weird year with some appropriately strange decorations from online craft marketplace Etsy? 

Snowflake Trump

Snowflake Trump by DomesticPlatypus.

by Etsy user DomesticPlatypus.

The right wing's insult du jour gets turned around on them with this ornament, featuring the glowering face of Donald Trump. Your tree will look like it's watered with 12 Diet Cokes a day!

'Con Air'-Era Nicolas Cage


By Etsy user TacoExplosions

I'm just gonna go ahead and decorate my tree with like 100 of these.

Shrunken Head


By Etsy user TheVaultOfCuriosity.

According to the product description, "His creepy sewn shut mouth and bone through nose are sure to add curiosity to any tree this holiday season!" You can say that again...

Energy Drink Ornaments


By Etsy user goraygami

Decorate your tree with enough of these upcycled energy drink cans, and Santa will (hopefully) bring you the cure for a caffeine overdose! 

TV DVDs In The Tree


By Etsy user DarkStormTV

Because nothing says "Christmas time is here" like James Spader in a fedora.

Baked Beans


By Etsy user creationzbycatherine.

Hopefully you get some weiners under the tree to complement this adorable tribute to baked beans.

Snowman Poop


by Etsy user KaylouDesigns

If you think that "Frosty the Snowman" is sorely lacking a verse about his bathroom habits, then this ornament is for you. To misquote "It's A Wonderful Life," "every time the wind howls, a snowman voids its bowels!"

A Packed Pipe


By Etsy user TwentyAfterFourStore

This holiday season, we hope your heart is as full as this bowl. 


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