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Festival Organizer Says Snow Sports And Cannabis Are Like 'Peanut Butter And Jelly'

For 10 years, the SnowBomb Ski & Snowboard Festival has been readying winter sports buffs in northern California for the cold season with a dizzying array of equipment vendors, gear booths and ski resort exhibits – not to mention ample amounts of wine and craft beer.

Organizers are now adding cannabis to that list of offerings. 

For the first time ever, those who attend this weekend’s annual snow sports expo at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center can get a $60 voucher for the medical marijuana delivery service, Eaze. There will also be several other cannabis-related booths at the event.  

“Ten years ago, when I began creating SnowBomb, I [incorporated] beer and wine because it was socially acceptable. No one even batted an eye, ” says organizer Jim McAlpine of the decision to bring cannabis into the mix this year.

McAlpine, who was also the founder of the 420 Games, said some event organizers were initially concerned that including cannabis companies in the expo offerings would prove controversial, but “out of 130,000 people on our email list, we only had two emails from people saying they didn’t think it was right.”

Cannabis goes mainstream at SnowBomb festival


To McAlpine, it’s a “great sign that cannabis is becoming something accepted by the mainstream.” He adds that it helps that cannabis and snow sports go together “like peanut butter and jelly, if you will.”

“It [cannabis] seemed to be something that was already ingrained in ski and snowboarding culture anyway, so it’s almost a natural fit,” he said.

“Skiing is a very creative sport…your brain just goes to this flow state where you’re not even thinking, you’re just skiing, and cannabis just helps you get into that zone.”

This year’s SnowBomb Ski & Snowboard Festival will offer events in San Francisco Nov. 5-6 and Sacramento Nov. 12-13. The San Jose expo ran Oct. 29-30.

The two-day events offer a range of skiing and snowboarding industry booths, vendors and activities. Attendees can also purchase lift tickets for various resorts, participate in beer and wine tastings, watch live entertainment including a BMX show, and of course, get to know cannabis a little better in a mainstream format.

“This event is the annual kickoff for winter in the Bay area,” says McAlpine.

Civilized is a sponsor of the SnowBomb Ski & Snowboard Festival. Tickets for the San Francisco event can be purchased here.

Banner photo: A skier enjoys the view at Lake Tahoe resort in California (Galina Barskaya/Shutterstock).


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