When some people go to Washington D.C., they want to go see one of the memorials to Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson, or others want to take a picture in front of the Supreme Court. But apparently if you're Snoop Dogg, you want to smoke a blunt in front of the White House.

Snoop was in Washington D.C. this week after the midterm elections when he got the urge to do, as he calls it, some "gangsta shit." He decided he wanted to smoke a blunt outside the White House as a protest against President Donald Trump. He then snapped several Instagram videos of himself driving towards the White House, and then eventually lighting up in a park nearby.

Here were the videos Snoop posted:

Now recreational marijuana is in fact legal in Washington D.C., however using cannabis in public is still illegal in the city. So Snoop's actions were technically illegal, although the punishment would be pretty lenient compared to someplace without legal marijuana.

Unfortunately, Trump probably doesn't know who Snoop Dogg is since he's never worn a MAGA hat and didn't appear on the Celebrity Apprentice, so we're not sure the message will get back to him.

(h/t ConsequenceOfSound)