Snoop Dogg Set To Play 'Snoop Fairy' In New Marijuana Sitcom

Cannabis culture is taking another step toward becoming mainstream. On September 5, 2016 the new, marijuana-themed MTV show 'Mary + Jane' will debut. The series -- which will be executive produced by none other than rap icon and marijuana entrepreneur Snoop Dogg -- follows the misadventures of two millennials trying to launch a cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles. 

The new show was announced during the MTV panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour on July 31. 

Scout Durwood and Jessica Rothe will play the millennials operating the new cannabusiness. And Snoop Dogg will make an appearance in the first season. "He does not play himself," said co-executive producer Deborah Kaplan. "He's like a Snoop Fairy. You don't know when he's going to appear. You have to watch all the way to an end to see him."

So there you have, Snoop Dogg has become the Where's Waldo? of cannabis culture. 

The Doggfather will use his own real life experience to help produce the show. "I've been delivering weed for a long motherfucking time," he said while introducing the series. Here's a sneakpeak with an intro sung by Snoop himself.

Banner image: Snoop Dogg arrives to large department store of Moscow "June" to put a star with his name in Moscow, Russia on December 6, 2013. (Denis Filatov / 


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