Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Ace The $100,000 Pyramid's Marijuana Round

Marijuana proved to be a performance-enhancing drug for Snoop Dogg last week. The iconic rapper's encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis gave him a distinct competitive advantage when he sat down with Martha Stewart as contestants on the $100,000 Pyramid gameshow.

On the show, one contestant tries to guess mystery words based on hints provided by the partner, who knows the words connected by categories like kitchen appliances, gardening tools, etc. While the first category given to Stewart and Snoop wasn't about cannabis per se, it certainly had a distinct marijuana flavor.

The words Snoop had to guess included weed, roach, fatty and joint. After he guessed the first six words correctly, the best moment in the match came when Martha hinted, "It's the country code for the Czech Republic." And Snoop said, "four-twenty, baby."

If they were playing for money, you'd swear the round was rigged. But Stewart and Snoop were teaming up in a practise round to showcase ABC's revival of the series. And Snoop also aced a category dealing with Martha's forte: upscale home decor. Check him out showing off his knowledge of wainscotting and the Ottoman Empire.

h/t ET


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