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Snoop Dogg Dishes On Making Pot Brownies With Martha Stewart

When rap icon Snoop Dogg and home decorating mogul Martha Stewart announced they would be doing a cooking show together, you might've wondered if Snoop's prolific cannabis use would rub off on Stewart. But instead of getting Martha into marijuana, Snoop's been peer-pressured into partaking in Stewart's preferred vice.

Snoop recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about his relationship with Stewart on set. "If you make her a batch of brownies, will she enjoy them with you?" Kimmel asked.

"She'll critique the brownies," Snoop said. "But she won't enjoy them."

However, she does pressure Snoop to join her for happy hour. "[S]he forces me to drink alcohol everyday on the show with her."

"You're not a big drinker?" Kimmel wondered.

"No, I don't drink anymore. But with her, I have to drink."

"So Martha will get you a bit drunk, but it doesn't go the other way?"

"We're working on that," Snoop added.

But he might want to be careful. On the first episode of 'Potluck,' Stewart revealed that she gives vodka to chickens before slaughtering them. "If Martha starts giving you vodka, look out," guest Seth Rogen warned The Doggfather. Hopefully she's not planning to turn Snoop into a plate of hot doggs with a side of hush puppies for the series finale.

Snoop also told Kimmel about his top three rappers of all time, and how he earned the nickname 'Young Eggs' after showing off his shell-cracking skills while working at McDonald's as a teenager. Check it out.


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