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Snoop Dogg Hollers At His ‘Nephew’ Spyro the Dragon In New Ad

Snoop’s latest endorsement is fire.

A known video game fan, rapper Snoop Dogg claims that Spyro the Dragon is one of his very favorites in a new advertisement for the remastered PlayStation classic.

After a week-long Twitter campaign, in which the cartoon dragon traveled from New York City to California, he finally reached his final destination on Monday.

In a short clip, Snoop leaves the studio after receiving a text to holler at his boy. Literally. The rapper yells up to a Spyro-shaped drone in the parking lot, before lands to gift him with a copy of the game. In exchange, Snoop presents the fictional dragon with a huge gold chain.

The remastered game, which is available now, contains the first three Spyro games with a complete graphic facelift. This is probably why the beloved classic was left off of the PlayStation Classic, much to the disappointment of fans.

Watch the strange new advertisement below.


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