Snoop Dogg Doing Play-by-Play Commentary for a Hockey Game Is the Best Thing Ever

Snoop Dogg may be a well-known cannabis lover, but it turns out he loves another thing people in Canada are known to be big fans of: Hockey.

On Saturday night, Snoop Dogg went to the Los Angeles Kings-Pittsburgh Penguins game at the Staples Center in LA. During the game, Snoop actually ended up going to the booth to commentate the game alongside the professional broadcasters. And the rapper made the broadcast significantly more entertaining. Here were some of the clips from his time in the booth:

And here's the full clip of Snoop during the fight that broke out during the game:

And why not a clip of Snoop getting frustrated when the Kings weren't taking any shots during a power play:

Turns out Snoop is a big fan of the Kings and hockey, and is often spotted at games during the season. 

Maybe Snoop can help convince the NHL to finally change their marijuana policies!

(h/t CBS Sports)


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