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Snoop Dogg Follows Best Bud Martha Stewart’s Lead And Announces A Cookbook

It looks like Martha Stewart’s influence is really starting to rub off on ol’ Snoop.

Riding off of the success of their cooking show, 'Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party', which began in 2016, the Doggfather announced Wednesday that he will be releasing his very own cookbook later this fall.

The announcement states that the book will include recipes for everything from haughty dinner fare like lobster to simple, easy-to-make snacks like waffles. Naturally, no Snoop Dogg cookbook would be complete without his famous gin and juice recipe (Gee, wonder what the ingredients are!).

While the release does not look to have any official involvement on Stewart’s part, anyone can see that her orange-scented fingerprints all over it. 

Publisher Chronicle Books will be releasing the book, entitled "From Crook to Cook," on October 23rd, while the rapper will be on tour performing as part of a stage play based on his life. Although the recipes found in the book are, somewhat disappointingly, cannabis-free, the publisher promises that it will "satisfy those munchies."

Check out the cover in the announcement below:

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