Cannabis icon Snoop Dogg is notorious for accidentally getting other people high just by hanging around them. Martha Stewart - co-host of his cooking show - once said that sitting next to The Doggfather is enough for a contact high. So when Snoop stopped by Conan earlier this week, he was treated to a special off-site trailer to keep him from hot-boxing the studio.

"Unlike most of our guests, who stay within feet of the stage, we've had some problems with ventilation in the building when you and your entourage show up," O'Brien told Snoop. "So in preparation for your coming, we set up your own trailer, which is really far."

That was just fine with the rapper.

"I love it," Snoop said. "I mean, the fire alarms don't work. It's beautiful, man."

And this isn't the first time that Conan has put someone in cannabis quarantine.

"We've done this - and this is true - we've done this for only two people in the history of the show: you and Willie Nelson."

"I'm honored," said Snoop, who was plugging the country legend's line of cannabis products by wearing a Willie's Reserve hat on set for the interview.