SNL's Michael Che Is Going to Get Co-Star Colin Jost Killed, According to Jost

Everyone enjoys a good office prank...until it becomes life-threatening. And that's the sort of situation that Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost is starting to worry about thanks to the hijinks of his SNL co-star Michael Che.

Che has recently gone on social media to air fake grievances about Jost, his co-anchor on SNL's Weekend Update. In one Instagram post, Che said Jost "put dog food in my lunch" and would "plant hard drugs on my desk and tip off the police."

Of course, he's joking. You only need to see one clip of the co-stars teasing each other to know they're good friends. But some of Che's online followers don't realize that. And instead of pointing out their mistake, Che is feeding the trolls to keep the prank going. When someone responded to the Instagram post by calling Jost "a monster," Che fuelled their rancor by writing back, "I'm just trying to get through the season in one piece. Sometimes he attacks me physically."

"You're joking, [but] you're actually going to get me murdered," Jost said when Seth Meyers read the IG post on 'Late Night' yesterday. And that wasn't Che's only prank. Check out the fake text messages that Che released to stoke more furor for his castmate. 


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