'SNL' Skewers American Gun Debate With Charles Barkley's Rifle-Toting Roaches

'Saturday Night Live' returned from the Olympic break yesterday, but showed no signs of rust from the three-week hiatus. The new episode ridiculed American culture with a faux-mercial that skewered the gun debate with rifle-toting roaches.

The mock ad began with a poor housewife besieged by six-legged squatters in her kitchen. Then NBA legend Charles Barkley walked in and offered to help out with his special breed of marksman roaches that are trained to shoot other insects and keep the peace in the kitchen.

"[T]he only thing that can stop a bad roach is a good roach with a gun," Barkley said as the spokesman for 'Ned's Roach Away' or NRA for short. He also pitched NRA MAX: roaches equipped with bump stocks to maximize the carnage. And he assured housewives everywhere that they needn't fear his bugs running amok in their homes.

"My vetting system makes sure that only the best, high-character, god-fearing roaches can carry guns," Barkley said while ushering the bugs into an insect chapel. "And none of my roaches are gay," he boasted.

While the sketch's anti-NRA slant was blatant, it also offered a subtler critique of xenophobia toward Mexican immigrants. Check it out in the clip above. (Canadian viewers can watch it here.)


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