He's Got The Pout Down Pat: SNL Casts Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump

There’s a new Trump in town – and he’s already got that signature pout down pat.

Alec Baldwin will don the role of The Donald for Saturday Night Live’s season premiere on Oct. 1, it was revealed in a promo that premiered on social media on Wednesday.

Executive producer Lorne Michaels opted to award Baldwin the coveted character of the reality-television-star-turned-Republican-presidential-candidate over the summer. Baldwin, 58, is a close personal friend of Michaels’, and also starred on the Michaels’ produced NBC sitcom 30 Rock. He officially signed onto the show earlier this week and is set to stay on through the season alongside Kate McKinnon’s acclaimed Hillary Clinton impression.

Feedback to the decision thus far has ranged from positive to political. 

Baldwin joins an impressive slate of past SNL Trumps, including Phil Hartman, Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam. Last November, Trump himself hosted the show in a moved that garnered considerable pushback under the hashtag #DumpTrump

Baldwin is no stranger to the SNL stage, having guest-hosted a record setting 16 times since his 1990 debut. In this time, he has performed more than a dozen celebrity impressions (including Al Pacino, Bono, Harvey Fierstein, Tony Bennett and Marlon Brando) and has even donned the role of a Republican presidential hopeful before (Texas Gov. Rick Perry in 2011).

This will be his first time playing Trump, however; a candidate on whom he has expressed mixed opinions in the past. In a June 2015 interview with Howard Stern, Baldwin said he "would love to see Trump be the Republican nominee... [He's a] huge campaign finance reform person." In May of this year, however, he told Ellen DeGeneres: “We don't really want a president who looks like he's been dipped in movie popcorn butter." This June, he told The Telegraph that Trump is "the first candidate made of hate." 

Margot Robbie will host the Oct. 1 premiere with musical guest The Weeknd, roughly five weeks before the U.S. election. Check out the promo for Baldwin's Trump debut here:


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