Snake From 'The Simpsons' Was Inspired By A Notorious Cannabis Consumer

Everyone know that Otto the school bus driver is the resident stoner on 'The Simpsons.' The guy even got the Polar Express high once.

But there's another character who is indebted to Mary Jane. Although the crook Snake is never seen having a puff on screen, he was actually inspired by two cannabis consumers - one real and one fictional. 

"Snake is just kind of Jeff Spicoli from 'Fast Times' and also a kid I went to college with - who was always stoned," Hank Azaria - who voices dozens of characters on the show - told GQ in a recent interview where he also revealed the inspirations for Moe the bartender, Police Chief Wiggum, Dr. Nick Riviera and Comic Book Guy.

"Comic Book Guy is another friend of mine from college - lived next door freshman year," Azaria explained. "He had a Barcalounger in his room. He would sit in it and he would have a list on the dry-erase board outside his door. If he liked you, you were on his good list. And if he did not like you that week, you were on his bad list. He would yell out, 'You are on my list!' That was the basis of Comic Book Guy."

Check out the other character origins in this clip.


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