Smoking Weed 'To Monitor Its Strength,' And Other Alex Jones Marijuana Moments We Probably Won’t Miss

InfoWars host Alex Jones has a long and checkered history when it comes to pot.

Unlike his views on guns, or the New World Order, where it is clear where he stands, Jones’ views on marijuana over the years have been a little shifty - and a lot crazy.

We know that, like many of Jones’ pet topics, his position on cannabis probably has something to do with pedophiles and aliens, but outside of that, it isn’t exactly clear where the pundit definitively stands on the topic. On the one hand, it’s a gateway drug, and on the other, it’s perfectly fine and should be decriminalized.

Either way, it’s safe to say that he is not the ideal advocate for cannabis rights.

Now that Jones’ online profile is being scrubbed from the internet by globalist, multi-national corporations hellbent on suppressing his message and placating the masses, we may never know how this conservative nutbag really feels about recreational marijuana.

In the meantime, let us take one last look at some of Jones’ weirdest marijuana moments before he (hopefully) disappears into the internet void forever.

His Wacky Excuse For Using Pot

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Jones with Roger Stone and Jonathan Alter

In 2017, Jones admitted to a judge under oath that he does sometimes consume marijuana, but only to “monitor its strength.” Which, we guess, is like smoking it "ironically."

This strange assertion came about during a custody battle which, incidentally, Jones lost. Unfortunately, his claim came with little elaboration—why is he monitoring the strength of cannabis? Who put him up to this task, and to what end? It’s kind of a shame, really, because we’d actually kind of like to hear what he’d come up with.

If you're curious, he has determined that yes, it is, in fact, becoming more potent. He blames political donor George Soros, for this, although he isn't really clear on why (no surprise there). 

Smoke Sessions With Joe Rogan

In many ways, Alex Jones has always been that dude you used to smoke with in high school. After all, he's prone to rant about crazy ideas on how the world is controlled by interdimensional beings or whatever, much like Slater in the iconic stoner comedy 'Dazed and Confused.'

That side of Jones is never more apparent than when the loud-mouthed host appeared on the popular 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast to smoke pot and shoot the shit.

In this setting, Jones’ belligerent ramblings are considerably less threatening—cute, even. Rather than a testosterone-fuelled Cassandra screaming prophecies of doom behind a news desk, Rogan’s show painted him out to be more of a sideshow act, spouting his seemingly harmless crackpot theories amid a cloud of smoke. Harmless, that is, until they’re not.

Going After Willie Nelson About His Pot Use

This one, admittedly, is a bit of a personal axe to grind. Willie Nelson? Seriously? You’re going to go after the Red Headed Stranger about his marijuana use? Not only was this seriously uncool, it was pretty darn hypocritical, considering Jones also smokes pot and has been known to ride the whisky river himself now and again.

This happens several times during the cringe-worthy interview in which Jones also tries to extract 9/11 conspiracies out of the beloved country singer. We think it’s probably for the best if the entire thing is just stricken from the historical record.


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