Smoking Too Much Weed Could Make Men Basically Infertile, Warns New Study

A new study from Brazil is adding to the growing body of research that suggests smoking weed can adversely affect men's reproductive health.

The study compared sperm samples from regular cannabis consumers against samples from non-consumers who were also infertile. After evaluating sperm samples from a total of 622 men, researchers came to the conclusion that regular cannabis consumption is bad for sperm.

"Overall, the marijuana group had semen quality equivalent to the infertile group," said study co-author Dr. Jorge Hallak.

Cannabis consumers also tended to have the highest levels of "DNA damage" out of all the groups. So they not only produced less sperm in general, but the sperm they did produce was often slower moving and unusually shaped.

Researchers also compared the sperm of cannabis consumers to cigarette smokers and found that tobacco smokers actually had healthier sperm overall.

While this study adds to a growing body of research that regularly smoking weed probably isn't good for your sperm, other studies suggest occasional use may not be so bad. For example, a recent study from Harvard actually showed a huge increase in sperm counts among cannabis consumers. So more research needs to be done before we can clearly determine the impact that cannabis has on male reproductive health.

But for now, if you're trying for a child, you might want to take a break from weed for at least a little while.

h/t askmen


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