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Smoking Pot Out Of An Oil Lantern Isn’t Easy, But Here’s How To Do It

In the latest episode of Vice’s ongoing webseries "Smokables," a series of 2-3 minute clips that give you step-by-step guides for consuming marijuana in a variety of interesting ways, host Trey Smith explains how you can smoke pot out of an oil lantern .

Past episodes have included helpful tips on making "Salad Dressing That’ll Get You Stoned," or "Making a Pickle Pipe," for you Rick and Morty fans out there. This particular episode finds Smith tenting in "the middle of nowhere," as he describes it, explaining how one can turn an oil lantern into a makeshift bong. You know, for campers who have some weed on hand, but are really hard up for a way to smoke it.

He begins the demonstration by individually duct-taping every opening in device except one, a process he says is "the most annoying thing I’ve ever done, to be honest with you," but hey - nobody said it would be easy. After a couple unsuccessful tries, he finally determines what the problem is: not enough duct tape. Affixing more tape to the lantern, he is finally able to draw smoke from it.

Again, not the simplest way to smoke weed, but, as Smith points out, "the thing about this is you’re going to want to smoke weed very very badly once this is done."

Watch the full video below.

How to Smoke Weed Out of an Oil Lantern


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