Smoking from a Joint vs. Smoking from a Pipe

For some cannabis consumers, it doesn't matter how they smoke their favorite herb, while others are quite particular about their favorite way to partake. One long-standing argument among cannabis smokers is whether it is better to smoke from a joint or smoke from a pipe, but some say it all boils down to personal preferences. Here we touch on some of the arguments behind the benefits and drawbacks of smoking cannabis from a joint or pipe.

1. You will almost always need more cannabis to roll a joint than you do to pack a bowl of a pipe, which means you will burn through your marijuana at a quicker pace if you only smoke joints. 

2. Some argue that smoking from a joint lets you taste the flavor of the cannabis better than smoking from a pipe since there's no residue from past smoke sessions or any flavors from the pipe material to contend with.

3. It takes less time to smoke cannabis from a pipe than smoking a joint unless you dedicate some time to pre-rolling a bunch of joints to have them on-hand. However, some people prefer the “ritual” of taking the time to roll a joint and enjoy the experience of smoking rather than quickly hitting a pipe. 

4. Some argue that you can get bigger hits by smoking a joint than smoking from a pipe, while others claim you get bigger hits from a pipe. We think much depends on the size of the bowl or joint you're smoking from and your personal lung capacity.

5. Pipes are more of a financial investment than rolling papers for joints, but it's something you can smoke out of for years unlike a small pack of papers. 

6. Some claim the “highs” you experience from smoking a joint and smoking from a bong are different, but this is highly subjective, and there is no scientific evidence to support the argument.

7. Your cannabis pipe is still considered drug paraphernalia by the federal government after you finish smoking from it. Smoking from a joint, however, leaves no evidence of the drug behind once you're done.


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