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Clean Green: 5 Beautiful, Minimalist Smoking Essentials

Even if you once had a secret soft spot for wild, tie-dye accessories, it's nice that today's cannabis consumer doesn't have to own smoking stuff that clashes with the rest of their lifestyle. If you embrace sleek, functional, modern design in every other area of your home, why should your cannabis kit be any different?

Here are five understated, grown up smoking essentials that work with your minimalist aesthetic.

1. The Stashtray

Designed with neat freaks in mind, the Stashtray is the ultimate surface for crafting the perfect joint. Two hand-welded, stamped sheets with a mirror-finish edge are topped with a four-part aluminum grinder, ashtray, pipe spike for cleaning out your bowl, and magnetic stickers to attach your rolling papers and other accessories to the tray. Among the many delightful, multi-functional bonuses: ashtray lid flips over to become a bowl stand, and the magnetic dabber keeps the sticky tip in the air and off any surface. Hand made "book box" allows you to keep everything camouflaged, packed up, and placed neatly on the shelf. $195 from Myster.

2. The Aura Water Pipe

This concept titanium and glass water pipe will represent a clean break with old-school aesthetics when/if it's released: it looks pretty much like a high-end kitchen gadget. The spacious chamber provides a smooth, clean smoke and a secret compartment to keep all your accessories in one place. "You don't have to deal with lost lighters anymore," writes design blogger Tuvie. "There's a space within the mouthpiece that you can use to store one." Generous platter around the bowl prevents spills, wide base prevents tipping, and high mass of titanium pulls heat out of the pipe to keep you from getting burned. No firm release date yet, but manufacturers expect it'll start around $250 from Aura.

3. Palio Lighter

There's nothing like the heft, classic aesthetic, and customization potential of Zippo lighters - but if you tend to smoke from a water pipe or glass bowl, a Zippo isn't going to meet your needs. This sleek, refillable matte black flame from Palio gets the job done without exposing your glassware to ultra-intense heat or resulting in accidental fume inhalation. Get lit, no matter how you choose to consume, for $50 from Cigarmony

4. Honeycomb Cathedral Dab Rig

This next-level glass dab rig from Scomo Moanet features a honeycomb diffusion system designed to produce maximum bubbles, a sidecar sherlock mouthpiece, and 14mm quartz domeless nail. Manufacturers named this clean, chic, and highly functional water pipe the Cathedral Rig for its supposed likeness to a cathedral spire. Available in your choice of colors starting at $149 from Glass Prodigy.

5. Etched Metal Herb Grinder

With vapes rapidly growing in popularity, a high-quality grinder is more important than ever: this classic four-piece design is crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum with laser etching to ensure the design won't fade over time. Magnetic lid ensures you never lose herb: comes with a carrying pouch ensure the grinder stays pristine and scratch-free. Free scoop and sticker included in the $32 price tag from Etsy.


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