Watch: New Web Series, Smoked Seattle

Written, directed, and starring Kate Hess (Gay of Thrones, Children's Hospital), Smoked Seattle is the story of Chelsea, a woman who gave up her dreams to become the perfect Hollywood housewife. But when her celebrity husband dumps her for a newer model, she flees home to Seattle only to find her hippie father has opened a marijuana bakery out of her childhood home. Out of options and Xanax, Chelsea is forced to take responsibility for herself for the first time, and she finds the grass isn't always greener - unless it's weed.

Smoked Seattle was shot entirely on location in Seattle, Washington. The soundtrack features all local bands, and also stars Matt Smith (My Last Year With The Nuns, Sleepless in Seattle) and Evan Mosher (Lucky Them).

"I wanted to tell a story set against the shifting cultural landscape of my hometown," said Hess, a Seattle native. "Cannabis legalization hasn't changed who we are, but it is changing a lot of lives and makes for great comedy. It's an honest dialogue that gets real about cannabis and the real people who are consuming it."

Here is Episode 1:


What is hemp and what does it have to do with wellness? Three remarkable statements from three very different sources give some insight into the sudden surge of interest in a plant that has been grown in the U.S. for hundreds of years.

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