You Have The FitBit To Lose Weight. Here's the QuitBit To Help You Stop Smoking

A smart lighter that helps you quit smoking sounds a little counterintuitive. But the Quitbit lighter actually makes a lot of sense - or at least as much sense as the fake cigarettes people are using, anyway.

Images Courtesy Of Quitbit

Operating on the idea that that tracking a behaviour is the first step to changing it, the Quitbit lighter counts every time you light a cigarette, displaying the number on a built-in display, and in an app.

As with the FitBit, you can use the app to see a graph of when you're smoking the most or least, and how your smoking effects other aspects of your health including weight or activity levels. (Bonus: you're definitely not going to lose it. Quitbit uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. If you lose it, you can get a notification sent to your phone.)

In addition to wirelessly syncing to your iOS or Android device, it lasts for a week on a single charge, and includes a feature that prevents it from falsely counting when you have to relight your own, or light a friend's smoke.

It's a neat way to re-imagine the lowly lighter - and it could be a powerful accountability tool to help some smokers kick tobacco. Ultimately, though, let's face it: the best lighter to help you quit smoking is probably one that doesn't work.


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