Scientists Say You Should Sleep in Past Noon on the Weekends

After a long week of working, most people like to just sleep in all day during the weekends. And while that may not seem productive, scientists are now saying it's actually good for you.

Scientists in the Journal of Sleep Research conducted a study on the sleep patterns of adults. Looking at data from 44,000 people in Sweden, they found that people who slept for five or fewer hours per day experienced higher rates of morality than those who slept for six or seven hours per day. However, they also found that people who slept for five or fewer hours during the work week and then increased the amount they slept during the weekends experienced the same levels of mortality as people who had healthy sleep schedules throughout the entire week.

So if you're someone who gets very little sleep during the week, you just need to sleep in during the weekends to make up for it.

This new study is actually fairly revolutionary when it comes to sleep sciences. Past studies really only looked at sleep patterns during the week, and recommended that people change their sleeping habits gradually over time. And while it's still probably healthy to get a consistent, long night's rest, this suggests that sleeping in during the weekend is not only ok, but actually encouraged.

Isn't that the perfect news to receive on a Friday?

(h/t Mental Floss)


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