Can You Pass This Skill-Testing Test On The Dangers Of Driving High?

We know that smoking marijuana slows reaction time, decreases one's peripheral vision, and makes multitasking more difficult. Still, some people swear that they're better drivers while high. Our own Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll showed us many people believe this to be the case.

But just because you think you can keep it together under normal road conditions also doesn't mean you'd be fine if a rogue pedestrian or biker randomly swerved into your path. Plus, even for seasoned pros, marijuana can be fickle, either hyper-focusing your brain on whatever you're doing, or spiralling your thoughts into a thousand, equally compelling directions.

To illustrate how you might not be as awesome as you think at operating a motor vehicle after getting high, this new PSA by the Colorado Department of Transportation forces a little bit of interactivity: it's one of the most pointed illustrations we've seen of why even a little buzz could be bad behind the wheel.


Saying you work in cannabis is sure to raise some eyebrows. Some people might be curious, others might not take you seriously, and still others might ask how they can invest. These cannabis executives dish on the reactions they get when they say they work in the space, and how those reactions have evolved over the past 10 years.

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