6 Tips For Growing Bigger Cannabis Flowers

Whether you've been growing your own cannabis for years or you're excited about taking on the challenge for the first time, one of your primary goals is to grow the biggest flowers you can. Here we offer six tips that will help you grow buds that are bigger than if you were to simply let them develop on their own.

1. Start with healthy seeds or well-established clones from a reputable breeder. Choose specimens that prefer the environment (inside vs. outside) and growing medium (soil vs. hydroponics) you will be cultivating them in.

2. Make sure each plant is receiving enough light. If you're growing outdoors, choose a south-facing location and make sure the plants are spread out enough so that every side of each plant receives full sun throughout the day. For plants being grown indoors, you'll need big, powerful bulbs that offer the full spectrum of light. A good rule to follow is that 100 watts of light is enough for one square foot of a plant, and the bulbs set at a distance that won't cause your plants heat stress.

3. Feed your cannabis plants regularly with proper nutrients during each stage of growth. Young plants developing vegetative growth need more nitrogen, as it helps the plant grow rapidly and vigorously. Once the plant starts flowering, it needs more phosphorus (some sources are worm castings, bat guano, wood ash mixed with water, or compost teas) which helps create dense, well-developed buds.

4. Maintain a pH of as close to 6 as possible in the soil or hydroponic solution. This allows the root system to effectively absorb nutrients.

5. Prune and trim away any parts of your plants that won't receive enough sunlight. This includes removing nodes located on a low area of the plant, dead or damaged leaves, and even the top cola.

6. Train your plants with string or gardening wire to bend so that light can reach more areas of the plant. You can either restrain the top branches to let more light reach the plant's lower parts or tie the main stalk down to let the surrounding branches can develop better.


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