Six Myths About Dogs You Probably Believe

Dogs are a man's best friend. Or are they? There are many things about dogs that have become popularly known in our culture that actually are either half-true or completely false. So the next time you're hanging out with your friendly canine, perhaps you should know that the follow six things you probably believe about dogs are not true.

1. They're Colorblind

One common myth is that dogs are colorblind, in fact there's a whole episode of Rugrats shown from the dog's perspective in black-and-white. The truth is dogs are only partially colorblind, and can see yellow, green, blue and combinations of those three colors. Although that may explain why they like tennis balls so much.

2. A Dog's Mouth is Cleaner than a Human's Mouth

This is also half-true. The germs in a dog's mouth largely only affect dogs, so if a human gets licked by a dog, the dog germs won't affect them. But there's still an equal amount of bacteria in both human and dog mouths, obviously dogs like to eat garbage and other things that could contain bacteria or germs that could cause an infection if transferred to a human.

3, One Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years

While a lifetime of a dog may be around 10 years, which is about 1/7th of a human's lifetime, dogs don't mature at the same rate as humans. It takes dogs less than one year to reach the "adult" stage in their maturation. If the one human year equals seven dogs years thing were true, that means dogs become adults at seven "Dog Years." It's just not an accurate portrayal of how dogs age.

4. A Dry Nose Means Your Dog is Sick

While a dry nose may be a sign of dehydration, sunburn or allergies, it can also be a sign that your dog just woke up. A dog's nose becomes dry when they sleep, and it takes about 10 minutes for it to get wet again.

5. Indoor Dogs Don't Get Heartworms

First of all, why are you keeping your dog inside all day? You're a monster. Second of all, they can still get heartworms. Mosquitos can transfer heartworms to dogs, and they're not exclusive to being outdoors.

6. Only Male Dogs Hump (and It's Sexual)

Humping is a common behavior in dogs for any reason. It can be to assert dominance, but it could be to express excitement or stress. Sometimes it can just be for attention.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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