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Check Out The Exclusive Grunge Rarities On The 'Singles' Soundtrack Reissue

Twenty-five years ago, director Cameron Crowe's Generation X rom-com 'Singles' introduced mainstream movie audiences to the music of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and other classic grunge bands. To celebrate the movie's milestone, the soundtrack is being rereleased tomorrow in a two-disc special edition that's loaded with rarities that you've probably never heard before. 

The 'Singles' soundtrack quickly went platinum after its release in 1992 thanks to Crowe's skillful approach to selecting local bands to fill out the playlist for his ode to 90s Seattle - in all its grunge glory. 

"The soundtrack's strength was the way it was so firmly rooted in place," wrote Steve Huey of AllMusic. "[W]here future soundtrack extravaganzas simply contrived to gather as many big-name acts as possible, Singles focused specifically on Seattle-area music (quite logically, given the film's plot and setting), which gave the album the feel of a cohesive document."

And those bands benefited from the exposure they got from the movie, according to the late Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. "Because the film was conceived and shot before the international explosion of all of the bands, that ended up being kind of a key factor in what was referred to as the Seattle scene and the Seattle movement," Cornell told Rolling Stone earlier this year.

Those artists made the most of the opportunity to break into the mainstream by offering Crowe some of their best unreleased songs for the soundtrack -- like Alice in Chains' 'Would?', Pearl Jam's 'Breath' and the Cornell's solo song 'Seasons.'

The two-disc rerelease contains all everything on the original soundtrack plus a disc full of rare or unreleased tracks - including live recordings of Alice in Chains' 'Would?' and 'It Ain't Like That,' Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready's 'Singles Blues' as well as Chris Cornell's 'Nowhere But You,' 'Missing,' a demo for 'Spoonman' and 4 other unreleased songs.

It also includes the first official release of the song 'Touch Me, I'm Dick' by the movie's fictional band Citizen Dick - featuring actor Matt Dillon backed by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament.

Cameron Crowe announced the release of the special edition last January. In a press release, he explained that the recording wasn't really a soundtrack but more like a postcard from Seattle circa 1992.

"The album itself was always designed to be sort of an anti-soundtrack, more like a souvenir and a simple mix-tape of some of Seattle's finest," Crowe said in a statement. "It really is and was a tribute to those hard-working bands that welcomed me to their city with open arms, and the music so many still love so much. Anyway, here we are now revisiting 'Singles', the film, as well as the soundtrack…expanded with a special tip of the hat to the fans of the original release. Included are unreleased and raw elements that helped shape the experience of making the movie back in 1991. Hope you enjoy the trip back as much as I did – viva Seattle!"

The rerelease is available through digital download as well as on CD and vinyl. Check it out on Amazon.


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