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Single, Cannabis-Friendly And Ready To Mingle? Check Out These New Singles Mixers

The catalogue of ‘what ifs’ before a first date can seem never-ending – especially when you’re a cannabis consumer.

What if you don’t meet their expectations, or they don’t meet yours? What if you have nothing in common? Worst of all, what if they think cannabis (and, by extension, you) is pointless and stupid? 


Cannabis-friendly dating expert Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted Coaching and the folks from the upscale cannabis event planning company, Love & Marij, are hoping to ease at least some of those anxieties with their new Singles Speakeasy series of events.

The inaugural event – slated for the rooftop of The Green Street Agency in Los Angeles on the evening of Sept. 21 – will bring together 20 commitment-focused singles looking to share their passion for cannabis with likeminded partners. Over the course of the evening, guests – who must have active California medical cannabis recommendations – will participate in workshops and cannabis ice-breakers, and even enjoying snacks prepared by The Herbal Chef.

A physician from Presto Doctor will be on hand to answer medical cannabis related questions and consult with any guests who may wish to find out if they qualify for a recommendation. 

The event is part dating crash course, part singles mixer, and all cannabis-friendly.

“It’s basically just capitalizing on that feeling of comfort and being able to be yourself when you find out someone else is a cannabis consumer,” Peckler told Civilized of the inspiration behind the event.

“[We’re] taking advantage of that in a really cool, romantic environment and hopefully people will be able to make some great connections. Even if [they don’t], they’ll be meeting new people who potentially know other people who might be a good fit. It’s all about being really proactive.”

In this sense, the event is similar to a professional networking opportunity, said Peckler.  

“I teach people that… you kind of want to take a very similar approach to networking for a romantic partner [as you do] networking professionally,” said Peckler. “Get out there, ask people who they know, and once you figure out what’s most important to you, put yourself in situations where you’ll be exposed to those people.”

While the $150-a-ticket event on the 21st is booked solid – and is limited to 20 heterosexual men and women between the ages of 27 and 43 – Peckler said the plan is to offer many more events in the future with a more diverse scope.

“I’m here to really help people enjoy their lives as much as possible and not get caught up in their insecurities,” said Peckler, who has been in a committed relationship with a fellow cannabis enthusiast for 11 years. “I want as many people as possible to experience the love and passion and respect and motivation that drives me every day because of my relationship – [both with my partner and with cannabis].”

A second Singles Speakeasy is already slated for Denver, Colorado’s MetLo rooftop on Oct. 19.


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