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Should You Use A Cannabis Dating App? Maybe

You may be wondering why would anyone want to use a weed dating app. It’s a fair point. Like, imagine if there were dating apps for every drug of choice. That’d be straight up ridiculous. One can already hear the taglines.

Are you lonely and looking for a partner who also loves heroin?

You should check out SinglesWithNeedles and ShootMeUpWithLove.

Or maybe you prefer snorting rails with the one you hope to love:

Are you single and looking to meet other cokeheads? Try BlowMe.

Of course, that one would fail because cokeheads hate to share. That, or a date would just be a couple spending all their time in the restroom snorting lines and each of them monologging about themselves. The problems there are obvious.

But coke and heroin are drugs. Pot is different. Weed is a lifestyle, one that’s practically socially acceptable.

In many parts of America offering someone a smoke is the same as offering your date a glass of wine. Which is why, as funny as it sounds, weed dating apps make perfect sense as a way to bring together singles who like to puff and vape.

With names like 420Singles, 420Mates,  StonerSingles, and HighThere!, the weed dating apps try hard to make it clear what the story is. The underlying premise is that It sucks to find out after three super chill dates that your new partner can’t stand pot or people who smoke. If it’s important to meet someone who won’t judge you for getting high, weed dating apps provide the perfect filter.


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420Singles also listed online as StonerSingles, does its best to help you find someone by asking a few classic stoner questions that should express some of your core values. You answer questions like: how much do you blaze, do you prefer indica or sativa, are you a gamer, do you believe in ghosts, what about UFOs, do you believe in the soul, and what music do you prefer? They may seem silly, because they are, but they also can provide you certain insights into a person.

Over at 420Singles, on their homepage they claim: “Cannabis is slowly becoming legal all over the World, jump on the fun train and start dating other singles who share the same for the magical Cannabis plant.” You may notice, rather ironically, the word “love” is missing from that sentence. Such a stoner move to forget to include what it is you’re selling. But the sentiment is clear. If you’re looking to find love with another pothead, this is the place for you.

It should be pointed out that not all weed-specific apps are created equal.


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Sadly, HighThere, the one with the best name is also the least safe, as far as your data is concerned. Since marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the US, if you live in one of those areas and use the app, you may be putting yourself and others at risk. As Mic pointed out, the app HighThere requests your location data so you can be paired with other single stoners. Mic found that, “Anyone with knowledge of computer science could use HighThere to find the name, photograph, smoking habits and even personal location of nearby users with ease.” And that “anyone” also includes law enforcement. So you probably want to keep that in mind.


My 420 Mate

This dating app is fairly straightforward. To get started you have to fill-out a required dating profile. Then, once you upload a pic and agree to their terms of use, you can start searching for singles near you who also love to get stoned. Only problem is there doesn’t seem to be that many active users. At least compared to other dating sites. With Los Angeles set as a location, the first page of search results included women from Long Beach. If you don’t know SoCal geography, Long Beach is prohibitively far from LA. No one’s looking to make that drive down to the old stomping grounds of Snoop and Vince Staples just for a date. Other than the fact there’s a small sample of available singles, the dating app’s user interface is easy enough that even a stoner could use it.

Zaron Burnett III is a roving correspondent for Civilized and Playboy. He lives in Los Angeles, and is finishing his first novel. (But they all say that.)


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