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Shotka: Undeniable Cool Factor Of Cannabis-Flavoured Vodka

Cannabis-infused alcohol is a hot trend - from Melissa Etheridge's Know Label wine, to homemade and commercial pot tinctures. But a new line of spirits from Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits uses cannabis strictly as a flavouring agent, with no associated high - perhaps the first liquor on the market to do so.

The pot-flavoured booze is called Shotka. Aimed at the night-clubbing younger set, the manufacturers say it combines the strength of vodka with "unusual" cannabis flavor. The silver opaque packaging, with a dragon motif and black and green lettering reads: "Promise you won't shoot me down if I ask your name. Let's dance first. Call us Mary & Jane."

The tagline reads "Take a shot and taste the legal strangeness."

That "legal" part is important: the zero-THC line, unlike Know Label and the like, can be sold anywhere. Still, Global Travel Retail Director Kevin Baker said, "there are some for whom this may be too daring and challenging as a brand concept."

"It creates the sense that one can take risks, be disobedient, cross the line and dare to be different."

Shotka parties are planned in Barcelona, Sitges, Ibiza and Madrid, part of a roll-out that includes the U.S., Canada, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Whether mixing the earthy flavour of cannabis with bracing vodka appeals or not, there's an undeniable cool factor to Shotka's trippy, gunslinging promo vid, which embraces a certain David Lynch-style weirdness. Watch it below

Banner image: Facebook/SHOTKA.VODKA


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