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Short Women Who Have Tall Men Have the Best Relationships, According to a Study

People have a way with paring themselves with someone who is similar to them, whether it's personality or interests. However there's one trait that people should not pair themselves with someone who is similar: Height.

According to a new study, short women who are in relationships with tall men were happier and more satisfied that other women in other height pairings. Researchers looked at over 8,000 participants and found that the taller a man was than his female significant other, the happier their relationship is.

But, why?

The researchers pointed to a biological reason. Tall men are more physically intimidating, and therefore are seen as better protectors of their significant other and children. While you might think that's ridiculous in 2018, it's simply forced into our DNA from centuries of genetics to feel that way.

There's also a"practical" reason as well. Studies have shown that tall men tend to receive higher paying jobs and salaries than shorter men. And other studies have shown that women tend to view a man's economic status very highly. So if a guy's tall, it also means he's likely making more money, which makes his significant other happy. 

The study also noted that marital satisfaction declines after 18 years regardless of height. So, I guess short guys can take solace in that.

(h/t Maxim)


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