Short Daytime Naps Could Be The Key To Happiness, Better Focus

We are all just cranky toddlers at heart, new research suggests.

A study conducted for the Edinburgh International Science Festival found that taking short naps during the day could make you happier and more productive.

A 30-minute nap is all you need to get these benefits, claim the researchers, adding that regularly napping for any longer (say, an hour) is associated with a higher risk of health problems including heart disease.

In the study, more than 1,000 participants answered a series of psychological questions about their napping habits. Two thirds of short nappers  (66 percent) reported feeling happy compared with 56 percent of long nappers and 60 percent of those who never napped.

"Previous research has shown that naps of under 30 minutes make you more focused, productive and creative, and these new findings suggest the tantalising possibility that you can also become happier by just taking a short nap,” said psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire.

"Similarly, longer napping is associated with several health risks and, again, this is in line with our results.”

Wiseman added that many highly successful companies – including Ben & Jerry’s and Google – offer dedicated nap spaces where workers can lie down for a rest during the day.

That’s an employee initiative we can get behind.

h/t Evening Standard 


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