Shoppers Drug Mart Officially Becomes A Licensed Cannabis Producer

One of Canada's biggest drug store chains is officially in the cannabis game.

Shoppers Drug Mart has finally received approval from Health Canada to become a licensed cannabis producer. Current Canadian laws mean that patients must receive their medical marijuana via mail order from one of the licensed producers. Shoppers plans to introduce pharmacists into the chain who can help patients find the right products for them.

"As trusted medication experts, we believe pharmacists have an important role to play in the safe and informed use of medical cannabis, and this is the first step in our journey to provide medical cannabis to our patients," said Catherine Thomas, a spokesperson for Shoppers parent company Loblaws.

Despite holding the title of 'licensed producer' the pharmacy chain claims it has no intentions of actually growing cannabis. Instead, they have signed supply deals with other cannabis producers such as Aphria, Aurora Cannabis, MedReleaf and Tilray. Additionally, Shoppers will not be entering the recreational market when it comes online in a few weeks.

Shoppers had originally applied to become a licensed producer back in 2016 and as one of the major Canadian drug store chains, they have some serious potential for scooping up much of the market share as medical marijuana grows in prominence.

h/t The Star


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