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Step Up Guys: Study Says New Moms Lose More Sleep Than New Dads

You might think life with kids would render anyone seriously sleep-deprived, but new research has found that it’s largely women whose slumber suffers in the presence of rugrats.

A preliminary study for the American Academy of Neurology looked at data from a nationwide survey of 5,805 men and women, and found that having children in the house affects women’s sleep quality more than it does men’s.

Participants in the study were questioned on how long they slept, with seven to nine hours a night considered ideal and less than six hours considered insufficient. They were also asked how often they felt tired in the last month.

After considering factors associated with sleep loss - including marital status, number of children, income, body mass index and employment - the researchers found that among the 2,908 women under 45, the only factor associated with getting enough sleep was having children in the house. Moreover, each additional child increased a woman’s likelihood of getting insufficient sleep by almost 50 percent.

The results also showed that for women under the age 45, 48 percent of those with kids reported getting at least seven hours of sleep, compared to 62 percent of those without kids. Moreover, having kids in the house not only reduced how long younger women slept, but increased how often they felt tired. For example, younger women with kids reported feeling tired an average of 14 days per month, compared to 11 days for those without kids.

The study found that men, on the other hand, did not have their sleep impacted by kids at all.

"I think these findings may bolster those women who say they feel exhausted," said study author Kelly Sullivan. "Our study found not only are they not sleeping long enough, they also report feeling tired throughout the day."

"Getting enough sleep is a key component of overall health and can impact the heart, mind and weight," added Sullivan, "It's important to learn what is keeping people from getting the rest they need so we can help them work toward better health."

h/t CTV News



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