Shaggy and Sting Add a Cannabis Verse to an Old Song on 'Tiny Desk Concert'

Pairing Rock Hall of Famer Sting with reggae singer Shaggy might seem like an odd mix, but it works surprisingly well. That's why NPR Music tabbed them to perform together on the latest episode of the 'Tiny Desk Concert' series, which saw the duo add a cannabis verse to an old Sting song.

The two singer's turned Sting's 1988 single 'An Englishman in New York' into a duet with Sting singing the original lyrics, and Shaggy adding a verse that paid tribute to his Jamaican roots - including the island nation's rich history with cannabis. The new verse that Shaggy sang went like this: 

I wear my colors in my back pocket.
I got a big spliff in my hand.
And you might notice, there's a swag anytime I walk.
I'm a Jamaican in New York.

Unfortunately, they didn't follow it up by turning more Sting songs into pot music. We would've loved to hear 'Every Puff You Take' or 'Fields of (Acapulco) Gold.'

Check out the full 15-minute concert in the clip below.


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