Study Says People Enjoy Sex While High Better Than Sex While Drunk

Is sex better while sober, high or drunk? Everyone probably has their own opinions on the issue, but according to a new study hitting the bong before doing the dirty deed is probably the best.

A new study says that people prefer having sex after using marijuana rather than doing it while drunk. The reasons were mostly related to the negatives of alcohol. Participants in the study said getting drunk often lead to regret, as they ended up sleeping with people they normally would not have if they hadn't been drunk. Others said alcohol lead to a numbing effect that made sex less enjoyable, whereas marijuana led to more intense emotions, making the sex better. Some did say they felt that marijuana led to better orgasms, although others aid it hurt their performance. 

Interestingly enough, the illegality of marijuana seemed to also improve the experience. If two people were smoking marijuana together, the shared experience of engaging in an illegal activity increased their bond towards each other, leading to stronger connections and better sex.

Now, it should be mentioned that this study involved only 24 participants who said they had used marijuana before sex within the past three months. So it's perhaps not the most definitive study proving sex while high is better than drunk sex.

We're sure there will be plenty of volunteers if any researchers want to examine this issue in more depth.

(h/t Brides)


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