Sex Robots: Coming Soon To A Bedroom Near You

Love sex but hate people? You’re in luck. Or at least, you could be soon.

Leaders of the erotic machinery market say the world’s first sex robots could become a reality within a matter of months.  

“The very first primitive sex robots will arrive next year,” David Levy, the author of Love and Sex With Robots and the co-chairman of Goldsmiths upcoming London conference on sex robots, told

“There’s a company, Abyss Creations, makers of Real Doll, which has been working on an electronic version. It’s due out next year,” said Levy.

“It will be a step in the right direction – but it will take at least a decade before truly sophisticated sex dolls go on sale.”

On top of that, there’s still a long way to go in terms of societal acceptance of cyborg sexual relations, added Levy. He believes the world will start to embrace the idea more fully once celebrities start copping to getting it on with automatons.

“There will be psychological barriers initially… once it becomes widely seen to be normal, there will be a tipping point,” said Levy.

“That’s likely to be when there’s interviews with people who have had experiences with robots. When somebody like Tom Cruise goes on the record and says, ‘I had sex with a robot,’ the whole world will notice.”

Levy thinks the big breakthrough in bionic boning will come, however, when humans and bots start saying ‘I do’ – and a whole lot more.

“I predict in my book that the first human-robot marriage will happen by 2050,” said Levy. “If you’re going to have a relationship with an entity, you need to be able to have a decent conversation with it… at present, robots don’t understand enough of what you say.”

Check out this video of sex robot manufacturing in action: 



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