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People Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Be Hacked Online. Really.

If you value your cybersecurity more than anything else – and we truly mean anything – it seems you’re not alone. The results of a newly published survey indicate that nearly four in 10 Americans would abstain from sex for a year if it meant they wouldn’t get cyber-hacked.

Yes, seriously.

Harris Poll interviewed more than 2,000 adults last month on the age-old question: Your online immunity, or your orgasm?

What they found was that 44 percent of women and 34 percent of men said they’d exchange a year of sessions in the sack for total cyber protection. Within the Millennial generation, 43 percent agreed to forego flings for online safety.

These results come just days after hackers exposed 412 million accounts on Adult FriendFinder in one of the largest data breaches of all time, meaning we shouldn’t be that surprised (we still are.)

Despite their bold assertions, however, this same survey revealed that Americans don’t respect their passwords and login credentials as much as they ought to.


Almost half the people surveyed – 45 percent – confessed to having given a trusted password to someone else.

The survey also found that about 25 percent of Americans consider the act of sharing a social media password more intimate than intercourse (so maybe that explains it), despite the fact that only around 16 percent acknowledged sharing such credentials.

“The nature of online security has changed dramatically. Five to ten years ago, cybersecurity was about protecting devices with anti-virus software. Today, data isn’t on our devices, but in the cloud - and the best line of defense we have to protect this data are passwords,” said Emmanuel Schalit, the CEO of password management company Dashlane, who commissioned Harris Polls to conduct the survey.

“This survey data continues to highlight an unfortunate trend — even with breaches happening to everyone from companies and celebrities to consumers, people are continuing to engage in risky password behavior.”

h/t The Washington Times.


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