Seth Rogen Says Steven Spielberg Won't Cast Him Because He Smokes Weed

Smoking marijuana hasn't made Seth Rogen miss a step in his busy career, but prejudice against cannabis has. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rogen claimed that Steven Spielberg won't work with him because he smokes weed. 

'There are so many things I would do differently," Rogen admitted in 'Hilarity for Charity' - his new Netflix special. "I would not have smoked weed with Steven Spielberg that time. He never looked at me as a serious actor again."

Rogen said the bit was inspired by a real encounter he had with Spielberg at a party years ago.

"I was at a party, like, an Oscar party maybe, and I had just lit a joint," he told Kimmel yesterday. "Literally, at that moment, Steven Spielberg came up and started talking to me."

Rogen said he knew Spielberg didn't smoke weed, and wasn't much a fan of it at all. But that didn't stop him from enjoying his joint.

"I just kept smoking it in Steven Spielberg’s face as I saw, like, the look on his face where he’s just like, 'I’m never working with this motherfucker … ever....That's why I'm not the lead in 'Ready Player One.'"

Editor's note: If Rogen's claim is true, you have to wonder how many other celebrities have been 'green-listed' because of their cannabis use.

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