So What Should You Eat If You Smoke A Joint Before Seth Rogen's 'Sausage Party'?

If you have a puff before seeing Seth Rogen's new movie Sausage Party this weekend, you might find yourself in trouble. The R-rated animated feature, which looks at eating from the perspective of food, is intense. We're talking about baby carrots screaming as they get chomped to orange bits.

But Rogen and former NFLer Ricky Williams have some advice for calming down if you get too high. 

"Eating - eating helps," Rogen said during a recent appearance on Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons. "I find food makes me less high."

Of course, that won't help if you're freaking out about food in the first place. But Williams has a trick that might keep calm you down. 

"Sugar or sleep. [Sugar] makes your body process things faster, so you come down," he told Simmons. "What to do if you get way too high is - it's kinda tough - but you take half a cup of sugar. Might have to chase it with water."

The two offered up those insights during a weed-related lightning round of questions. They also dished on their favorite way of consuming marijuana (joints for Rogen, blunts for Williams) and the most surprising celebrity in their smoking circle.

Rogen said he once had a session with "Sausage Party" castmate Edward Norton. But the Canadian comedian was way more impressed with Williams' one-time smoking buddy.

"I don't know if I have a surprising person. But I have a cool person. The most epic time was [when] I got on Willie Nelson's bus."

"WHOA!" Rogen roared. But the experience wasn't great for Williams' self-esteem (watch the clip below to find out why). 

But the two began laughing again when the conversation turned to what former U.S. president they'd like to smoke a joint with. Rogen said, "As a DMX fan, I'd have to say Teddy Roosevelt," who was the original rough rider. Williams agreed.

Watch this clip to hear more, including their picks for the best weed song and movie. (Underneath, you'll find a trailer for "Sausage Party.")


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