Duck Hunt is a classic video game that launched on the NES back in the 1980's and basically took the world by storm. It was sort of the Fortnite of its time. But actor Seth Rogen made a revelation about the game that is changing how people look at this classic product.

Rogen went on Twitter and gave a tip out about Duck Hunt that blew people's minds. Here's what he said:

Considering this tweet has over 18,000 retweets and 100,000 likes, that probably means most people didn't realize this existed. You probably just assumed, like most people, that the ducks flew randomly and only the person with the player one controller could play the game. Rogen himself said he only learned about this feature on accident back in the day:

This is making us question other old-school video games. Was there a way to add a secret third player in Pong? Is there a way to give Mario a gun in the original Super Mario Bros. games? Is there a way to make Crash Bandicoot fly through the air and not have to jump so much?

It's just too bad Seth didn't figure this out while smoking a bowl. That's the only way this story could get better.

(h/t Mental Floss)