Seth Rogen Tweeted Fun Facts About 'Pineapple Express' for the Movie's 10th Anniversary

Pineapple Express is one of the great stoner movies of all time starring one of Hollywood's biggest stoners, Seth Rogen. So to celebrate the movie's 10th anniversary, Rogen decided to share a bunch of behind-the-scenes details of his beloved stoner flick.

Rogen went on Twitter yesterday and tweeted a bunch of fun facts about Pineapple Express. This included details about why James Franco wore a headband throughout the movie, who rolled the joints used on set and even some info about the Pineapple Express marijuana strain. Take a look:

Geez, did he save anything for the director's commentary on the Blu-Ray?

Also, we really hope Danny McBride didn't need to use the restroom on the day he was taped up.

(h/t Seth Rogen)


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