Seth Rogen Just Ruined Beef Jerky Forever

You can’t say that Seth Rogen isn’t committed to his craft.

In a Rolling Stone video in which he also discusses making out with James Franco and meeting Kanye West for the first time, the Sausage Party star said that when it came to the worst thing he’s had to do for the sake of his work, he had a  “definitive answer.”

Remember that scene in 'The Interview' where Rogen’s character shoves a missile up his ass, only to have it sniffed out by a dog?

Well, apparently, when it came time to shoot, the dog was not performing its butt-smelling duties. So, in the name of art, Rogen found a…let’s say, creative solution.

“I had to shove beef jerky, essentially in my ass,” he explained.

Wow. We don’t know if we can ever look at Seth Rogan, ‘The Interview,’ or beef jerky the same way again.

Watch Rogan discuss his peculiar brand of method acting in the clip below.


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